July 2018

Direct Gain Consulting Selected as a Connector Organization

Direct Gain Consulting (DGC) is proud to have been selected as a “Connector” organization for the  American-Made Solar Prize sponsored by the US Department of Energy. DGC’s mission has much in common with DoE’s prize objectives to scale up the use of solar and other renewable energy technologies and promote manufacturing development in the US. 

Our team possesses proven capabilities to serve all of the technologies and activities required of the prize participants. Direct Gain’s Partners and Associates have come together as a high-level cross-section and cross-platform group, representing top talent in the renewable energy industry. These professionals have started successful businesses, commercialized unique technologies, developed market expansion strategies and built sustainable sales models that have formed competitive barriers to other organizations entering the market. These approaches have been successfully applied to the critical technology business activities of financing, manufacturing, product design, applications, system engineering and project development among others.  Our members have worked throughout the energy production throughout the US and understand the drivers of change at work in the marketplace now.  From architects to installers to management and marketing professionals, our members have worked closely with the DoE and state agencies over decades. 

DGC is also the co-Founder and commercial partner of The Bicoastal Solar Energy Research (BSER) Collaboration, being a network of 11 New York Universities and 10 California Universities working jointly to solve the world’s toughest scientific, industrial and scaling challenges in the field of solar energy and related technology and manufacturing.   Through this relationship, we can coordinate access to world class facilities and equipment that are conducting cutting edge research in next-generation solar energy devices, products, systems and manufacturing processes and work in close association with clean tech incubators, accelerators, proof of concept centers (POCC) and a diverse network of angel, corporate, VC and other investors groups.  Brief resumes of our partners and more company background can be found on the company website at

Please contact Richard Lewandowski at (914) 466-8724 or for more information on how we can support your team.

September 2014


Link to The Hudson Valley's Business Weekly to view article - "Small Business Energy Security: Evaluating the Cleaner Options" page 6,%202014.pdf


November 2013


RE-START:   A Partnership for Local Energy Security, Technology Demonstration and Community Engagement


A joint initiative of the University at Albany and Direct Gain Consulting LLC, RE-START will be piloted in 2014 with bankable, off-the-shelf technology, then expand to demonstrate newer technologies in energy and materials as they emerge from New York’s innovation ecosystem. Solar/ storage technology solutions, and kiosk designs, will each be implemented through an RFP to service providers, allowing for the rapid scaling of the program.  To prepare, demonstration sites will be established in the Capitol Region and Mid-Hudson Valley in partnership with NY-BEST and local emergency management teams.


RE-START is a program to enhance community resilience with a foundation of solar and energy storage solutions, sited on critical businesses such as gas stations, ATMs, urgent care clinics and food marts – front-line points of contact in the community during an emergency.  These installations feature a durable kiosk with video display, providing practical information on resource and recovery issues for the community. Advance weather prediction, first aid and rebuilding methods, data on access to critical resources, and information about recovery progress – all can be captured in screen displays and info-graphics on the RE-START kiosks and through a smartphone app to help the whole community participate in recovery. 



RE-START is a “concentrating lens” for benefits to stakeholders in emergency management, energy supply and demand response, and community planning.    While the technology can be installed anywhere, the strength of the program is in its ability to engage local emergency response teams and citizens in customizing the technology choices, kiosk design, information content and distribution of sites for an “island of illumination and access” where it makes the most sense in each community.  This gives rise to a potential consortium-based funding model in which the program’s rollout and management are financed by partner agencies, and the technology can be vendor-financed, leased, and/or crowd-sourced within each community. 

June 12, 2013




For Immediate Release


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University at Albany to Partner with Industry and Communities on Solar and Storage Network For Emergency Preparedness


ALBANY, N.Y.– The University at Albany announces a partnership with Direct Gain Consulting of Stone Ridge, NY to help communities in New York’s Hudson Valley and Capitol Region better respond when emergencies interrupt the power grid.


The goal of the RE-START program is to create a major network of solar installations on critical businesses and community services including gas stations, bank ATMs, food stores, health clinics and emergency service providers.  While providing emergency backup, the network will demonstrate currently available solar and storage technologies and allow for the testing of next-generation technologies including those under development by University faculty. 


James A. Dias, Vice President for Research at Albany, said, “The RE-START program is the type of innovative partnership that the University is cultivating as part of its Emerging Technologies and Innovation initiative.  These partnerships hold the potential to connect our technologies with private industry and move them into the community.” 


Phase 1 of the project will include an assessment of community needs and opportunities. Up to 30 communities, each with five or more sites, will be sought through a request for proposals that will be issued this month.  Locations that are properly sited for solar, centrally located, and regionally owned (without absentee landlords) are most desirable. 


As solar and storage technologies quickly advance, today’s cost-effective solar and battery combinations are expected to power the basic functions of a small business – a couple of gas pumps and a cash register, or a convenience store cooler and lights, a major benefit.  


“With the six month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy upon us, we hope this effort can be mobilized in advance of the fall storm season,” said Direct Gain CEO John Easoz. “While direct storm impacts are daunting, even worse is the loss of business continuity that prevents basic services like grocery shopping or picking up a prescription because the cash registers aren’t functioning.”


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October 22, 2012


Entropy Solutions Inc. Partners with Direct Gain Consulting 

for Thermal Storage Technology Commercialization


Minneapolis, MN – ENTROPY SOLUTIONS INC. (ESI) has signed a business development agreement with DIRECT GAIN CONSULTING LLC, (DGC) Stone Ridge, New York to help develop market opportunities in utility scale thermal storage applications.   ESI manufacturers a unique phase change material under the trade name “PureTempTM”and is used in thermal storage applications across several industries.  DGC is a consulting firm with significant experience in the energy industry.  The partnership will focus on developing projects using the phase change material in thermal storage applications for utility scale energy storage.


“While photovoltaic (PV) systems do a great job at shaving peak power needs during daylight hours, a secondary peak exists in the Southwest for cooling after the sun sets.  This peak can be “squared” by using PureTempTM materials created by Entropy Solutions Inc.” said Rick Lewandowski, DGC’s Managing Partner.  “This is an extraordinary technology which is already being used in other applications. We are very excited to be partnering with Entropy Solutions on this effort.  We believe this technology has the ability to have a major impact on how people manage peak energy costs” Lewandowski went on to say. 


“We at Entropy Solutions are very happy to engage with energy experts such as DGC.” said Eric Lindquist ESI’s President.  “We see this as an opportunity to match our technology and talent with energy experts who clearly see the many benefits our product can provide when used in the energy sector”.


About Entropy Solutions Inc.  Entropy Solutions is a bio-based specialty company with its global headquarters based in Minneapolis. Entropy seeks to advance the global quality of life through the development of renewable technologies aimed to reduce energy usage and eliminate waste. Entropy applies advancements in materials science to transform how we capture, store, transfer and use energy. Its PureTemp PCM technology is the world’s first and only 100 percent renewable-based phase change material. Entropy partners with leading product development companies to deliver renewable, innovative and cost-effective passive thermal energy storage solutions for the shipping, construction, textile, healthcare and alternative energy industries, among others. PureTemp innovation has received global recognition, including the “DuPont Diamond Innovation Award”, ”Presidential Green Chemistry Award”, “USDA Bio-Preferred Designation” and “Top Technology of the Year” honors. To learn more about Entropy Solutions, Inc. visit the ESI web site at:


Steven Strong - Bullitt Center


DGC Associate Partner Steven Strong was a proud part of the team on the recently completed Bullitt Center [ ], Seattle's greenest building and a model for 21st century commercial development.  The building is designed to meet the rigorous Living Building Challenge, a bold, new certification program that tests green buildings against the most rigorous performance standards in the world.  It is also designed as a center of education and commerce that is beautiful as well as functional.  Not merely a one-off demonstration, the Center is one of 12 "living buildings" supported in a pilot program announced in 2009, the Living Building Ordinance.  The ordinance expands the list of departures available from code requirements that would otherwise discourage or prevent buildings from meeting this standard, while helping to identify barriers to sustainability and performance-based building design within city's land use codes.  Watch the video



Rick Lewandowski hired as Executive Director of the Center for the Evaluation of Clean Energy (CECET)


Rick Lewandowski, a DGC Partner, was hired February 2013 as Executive Director of the Center for the Evaluation of Clean Energy Technology (CE-CET), a subsidiary of Intertek that was recently funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). CECET includes a consortium of six university members:  Alfred University, RPI, RIT, The Syracuse Center of Excellence. Providing a graduated process from technology/product concept to bench-scale prototype through performance verification onto certification and commercial scale manufacturing, will allow startup companies to get their product to market sooner than would normally be the case. As a center for technology assessment formed specifically to enhance New York’s ecology of innovation, CECET helps business large and small to align their business strategies with standards and certification requirements, and to form effective partnerships.



Melissa Everett, Ph.D, Leads Regional Resilience and Renewal Conference in Hyde Park, NY.


Melissa Everett, Ph.D., a DGC Partner, recently led a regional conference, "Resilience and Renewal:  Collaborating for a Sustainable Region" at the FDR Library in Hyde Park, New York.  Bringing together many of the skilled volunteers and leadership consortium who had worked together on Phase 1 of the region's Cleaner, Greener Communities plan for carbon reduction and job creation, the day offered an inspiring look at partnership structures that are working around the country for on-the-ground sustainable community progress.   Featured speakers shared the methods behind successes like The Oberlin Project, a campus-community partnership that has already gotten Oberlin, Ohio to meet 90% of its energy with renewables; and Sustainable Jersey, a partnership of over 400 municipalities in friendly competition to advance on a ranking system that has inspired New York's Climate Smart Community certification program.  "With a consortium of over 50 colleges and universities as a major regional asset in the Hudson Valley, and the growth of inter-municipal consortia to test out innovative approaches, we can draw on both these models and others as we move into the implementation phase of the Cleaner, Greener Communities program," Everett observed.