Direct Gain Consulting, LLC
Direct Gain Consulting, LLC

Resilient Companies


Renewable energy industries are quickly strengthening their position and role in the U.S. economy. In the aftermath of industry shakeouts and quality crises, young companies and more mature ones need support in building management teams and refining business strategies. Companies need to manage for the highest levels of quality, integrity, and adaptiveness. 



Our services:

Management and organizational development consulting, business planning, industrial product design, market development, technology evaluation and commercialization, mentoring entrepreneurs, quality and research program development and energy resiliency. 

Direct Gain helps companies cultivate the strengths of robust management teams, comprehensive quality assurance programs, crisis management and response programs, and rigorous company ethics.  Our consultation, training, and mentoring services can focus on select management teams or the enterprise as a whole.  We also work with industry associations to strengthen standards, training programs, and trade relationships to expand markets.


Our experts: 

John Easoz – management consulting, technology assessment 

Rick Lewandowski – start-up advisor, market & business development consulting

Joel Davidson – organizational development and mentoring of entrepreneurs

Richard Rupnik – management consulting, technology assessment 

John Howard – industrial design 

Bud Sherman – design and planning for manufacturing. 

Ralph Mitchell – patent due diligence and business strategy